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CMC Services

. . . for our valued tenants, residents and future residents.

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CMC Services

. . . for our Rental Real Estate Owner Clients

Do you have a problem rental property? A giant mess left by a previous tenant? A tenant eviction issue?   CMC can fix any problem and have your home ready and re-rented quickly. CMC fills empty homes faster than anybody!

Need help finding new, profitable investment properties? Our investor clients have exclusive access to a wide range of unique, custom tools and resources. Use our automated IPAutoSearch database systems to find new investment properties. Or let CMC help move your rental homes into a self-directed IRA. Or let us help convert your personal residence into a rental investment.

Have a ‘distressed’ fixer upper? Our CMC repair/rehab crews do amazing work, quickly and for modest costs – substantially less than the cost of retail remodelers or other home service companies. Professional, top-quality construction work, plumbing, heat and air, electrical, and landscaping services for the cost of handyman wages.

Do you have the workers but need help getting their jobs done? Use CMC Special Services. We can set up automated systems to manage your crews and work flow. Systems and supervision that will insure that every job is finished on time and under budget.

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